Garburator Installation, Repair, and Replacement

At Loombas, we have certified plumbers ready to take care of your garburator installation, repair, and replacement. Our services are fast, efficient, and professional. So get your garburator installed or fixed right the first time by the experts at Loombas Plumbing.

It might sound funny but did you know that your best choice for garburator installation, repair, and replacement is to call Loombas Plumbing? That’s because a garburator is technically a plumbing component. After all, a garburator is a device that, when installed in your kitchen sink, grinds food waste down into small particles that easily rinse down the drain with water. As it’s therefore part of your kitchen plumbing, it only makes sense to call the experts in plumbing in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland – Loombas Plumbing!

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