Furnace and Boiler Replacement

Our Government-Certified Technicians and Qualified Gas Fitters have been installing and repairing heating in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland since 1996.

Did you know that furnace replacement is required every 15 to 20 years? Their efficiency decreases and the furnace starts burning more gas than required. Those are extra bills and hassles that you don’t need! Call Loombas Plumbing, Heating, and Drainage to expertly replace your furnace. We install 92% to 98% efficiency furnaces that pay for themselves in gas saved in only 5 to 7 Years!

Boilers are an economical option for heating your home. Boilers are efficient and can be gas, electric, or oil. Gasoline boilers rarely breakdown and can be a smart and cost-effective choice. Combination boilers heat water, sending the steam to your radiators, whereas condensing boilers focus on natural gas energy. Contact us to learn more about the different boilers we have to offer and determine which would work best for you.

Some of our heating and gas fitting services include:

  • Furnace – replacement, repairs, and service
  • Boiler – replacement, repairs, and service
  • Same day furnace and boiler installations
  • We always conduct safety checks for carbon monoxide levels on all new installations

Residential & Commercial Plumbing,

Heating & Drainage Repair.

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